The Quantum Institute for Wellbeing (TQIW) is an Intentional Community of seekers in search of Holistic and Integrated approach for personal wellbeing



  • TQIW has a vast library with books on healing, spirituality and wellness written by famous authors.
  • Members are welcome to visit the library to read and review these books for reference. Presently this private library is located at W-74, Greater Kailash 1.
  • Access hours are 9 am to 7 pm, 365 days.
  • There is a place to sit and read these books.
  • Since these books are rare, they are not lent out for any purpose. You may order your own copy from the publishers.

Book Name


A practical guide to Holistic Health

Swami Rama

Adventures of a PR Man


Aminbhavi’s son


Ayurveda for Beginners


Being Mortal

Atul Gawande

Biological Medicine

Dr.Thomas Rau

Bio Resonance analysis of health, Physician’s reference guide, vol.2

Dr.Thomas Szulc

Bio Resonance analysis of health, Implementation Timeline

Dr.Thomas Szulc

Bio Resonance analysis of health, Foundational System

Dr.Thomas Szulc

Cancer causes, prevention and treatment

Dr.O P Jaggi

Conquiring the Chaos

Ravi Venkatesan

Creative Integrative Medicine

Dr.Paul Drouin

Dissenting Diagnosis

Dr Arun Gadre & Dr.Abhay Shukla

DNA of the spirit ( volume 1)

Rae Chandran

DNA of the spirit ( volume 2)

Rae Chandran

Hands of Light

Barbara Ann Brennan

Health and Healing the natural way

Reader Digest

Holy Cancer

Amit Vaidya

Natural Remedies

Reader’s Digest

New Medicine

Kenneth R Pelletier

Nine Lives

William Dalrymple

Outliers The story of success

Malcolm Gladwell

Paida and Lajin Self – Healing

Hongchi Xiao

Past lives, Future Healing

Sylvia Browne

Prophetic Thoughts & Articles on Health & Disease Body & Mind (Volume 1)


Quantum Doctor

Amit Goswami

Same soul, many bodies

Dr.Brian Weiss

Soluna Spagyric Medicine

Innovative Medicine

The Art of Medicine

Dr.Thomas Szulc

The Biology of Belief

Bruce H. Lipton

The Complete Family Medicine Book

Dr.PC Dandiya, Dr.JS Bapna, Dr.G Khilnani

The Complete Manual of Fitness and Well- being

Reader ‘s Digest

The Encyclopaedia of Energy Medicine

Linnie Thomas

The Extraordinary healing powers of ordinary things

Larry Dossey

The Fine art of Communication

Dr.BM Hegde

The Hitopadesa of Sri Narayana Pandita

Satya Narayana Dasa

The Holographic Universe

Michael Talbot

The Radiation Threat

Harsaran Bir Kaur Pandey

The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health

Dr.Thomas Rau , Susan Wyler

The Web of Life

Fritjof Capra

The Yoga of Dejection

Satya Narayana Dasa

Traditional healers of central Australia


Ultimate Guide to True Weight Loss